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Maxwell Drever talks about the ideal practices for assessing whether a hotel can get converted to low-cost workforce housing

The abrupt and dangerous pandemic outbreak has made international and national organizations devise ways to bring down the virus spread says Maxwell Drever. Many factors affected the global economy. People witnessed subsequent lockdowns, social distancing, and travel limitations as well. Also, the travel and hospitality segment got negatively affected.

Owing to the pandemic, the hotels and the resorts didn’t get the kind of footfalls they are used to. It led to something interesting – Recently, most resorts and hotels got converted to low-cost housing units for the people who belong to the middle-income bracket. It seems to be what people need the most.

Maxwell Drever highlights that today initiatives are being taken to offer a house to the people who need it the most. However, this process of conversion is rather challenging. And to ensure that the process takes place seamlessly, it is essential to follow some practices.

Some of the best practices include the following:

  1. Understanding the need of the target segment

Usually, the people who need a home get divide into two segments. They are usually the ones who are completely homeless and the ones who are residing in shoddy and poor-quality dwellings in rural homes. Hence, one section can pay for the house, and the other section also needs a place and employment. Therefore, the hotel owner should realize that they need to change the face of the lavish hotel and transform it into something very fundamental and utility-oriented. If the hotel structure can complement this project’s need, it will be easy to go forward without making any additional changes to the existing layout of the hotel.

  1. Checking the foundational strength of the hotel

Today, the hotel properties that are getting select to get convert into housing units are most old, broke, and unuse. There are specific abandone properties as well that are getting use for this. Hence, it is essential to check the foundational strength of the property. For this, it is best to get hold of a property inspector who can examine the hotel. And find out if there are any loops with the foundation so that it doesn’t collapse midway or later. Also, the inspector can explore and let the developer know of any essential repairs that are require before the conversion process.

  1. Assessing the location of the hotel

It’s an essential consideration, according to Maxwell Drever. Today, a vast section of the workforce is searching for low-cost accommodation near their workplace. It helps them to reach their workplace in time. Else, they have to spend more time in traffic and get home late. It creates an imbalance in their personal and professional life. Hence, the investors and developers need to check the hotel’s location. If the hotel is in a strategic location that is connect to significant conveyance modes, it is a property apt for conversion.

These are a few best practices that developers and other authorities can implement to ensure hassle-free conversion.



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