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Maxwell Drever elucidates why the crisis of affordable workforce housing is a global concern

Maxwell Drever explains the covid-19 pandemic has led to a severe crisis in terms of workforce housing. Many people could not pay the rent due to a lack of jobs. However, even before the pandemic, many places across the states feast an affordability crisis. Some organizations provide rental assistance to a few individuals, but most remain homeless. Therefore housing experts recommend increasing this supply of workforce houses to various strategies such as land regulations and reforming of zones.


Other considerations about the crisis

Many housing policy experts have analyzed that increasing the supply of homes is not the only solution to eliminate the affordability problem. While it is necessary to increase the supply of homes in a few areas rapidly, it is not the only solution. Since most countries do not face adequacy in the collection of rental housing, the lack of income leads people to afford a house at market prices.


Majorly affected areas

A vast majority of individuals without an affordable house have low money income. Such people lack adequate funds to pay the rent of the places. Many people spend 50% of their income on rent. Such a condition leads to adequacy to meet the basic requirements of the family members. Individuals with a substantially low income paying a large sum on housing lie below poverty. However, some individuals with adequate income also suffer from the unaffordability-housing crisis, says Maxwell Drever.


A heavy toll

According to the standard of affordability individuals should not spend more than 30% of the day income on monthly rent, the average rent across the states surpasses this standard. Millions of people spend more than half of their monthly income and housing expenses. Such groups of people include those earning less than 20000 dollars annually. People making much less money find it impossible to pay monthly rent coming up to 500 dollars.


A prevalent issue

Another significant consideration of lack of affordability is that the problem is not only pervasive in high-cost places. It is a prevalent issue seen among individuals, even those with the lowest vacancy rates. A few cities with the least expensive markets lead rental households to spend more than 50% of their income on housing.


However, individuals below the poverty line suffer the most under such circumstances. Individuals in a metropolitan area cannot pay monthly rent according to the market rates. A two-bedroom house provides the lowest rate, still leaving individuals to face the unaffordability crisis.


The high costs of establishing homes

Another crucial factor that leads to an affordability crisis is the cost of building and operating a house. The bare minimum standard provided by the landlord also becomes unaffordable to most people. Individuals with low money income still face the crisis in the absence of rental subsidies.


Therefore Maxwell Drever suggests rental subsidies can enable individuals to afford a standard house with basic amenities.

Millions of people are unable to afford a house due to high costs. Some countries have designed programs to cover the issue, making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals facing the workforce housing crisis.




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